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"3 Shots of Whiskey" Ellen/Eliot for Telaryn

Title: "3 Shots of Whiskey"
Author: Lerah99
Rating: G
Word Count: 427
Prompt: Eliot/Ellen fic. Any rating, just GIMME! from telaryn
Fandom: Supernatural & Leverage
Pairing(s): Gen Eliot & Ellen fic
Summary: He isn't the first half scared kid to walk into her bar.

He isn't the first half scared kid to walk into her bar.Collapse )
reading is sexy

Happy Holiday's Fic Give Away!

It's the holidays and everyone deserves some cheer.
So here will be my own small contribution inspired by faithburke.

Give me a prompt and I will try to write 200 words or more.

For the prompt please include the fandom/crossover of two fandoms as well as a word, phrase, or pairing and I will write a fic just for you!

Fandoms I am familar with in no particular order:
Smallville (early seasons)
Stargate & Stargate Atlantis
Criminal Minds
Fast & Furious
BBC Sherlock
StarTrek 2009
The Big Bang Theory

reading is sexy

Vampire Diaries + Zoolander

I came home tonight to find my mom watching Vampire Diaries on hulu.
Asking her what she thought, she responded "The brother vampires are cute in that Zoolander, how much product can we get in our hair, sort of way..."
Mostly she was disturbed to learn everyone was still supposed to be in high school. Her exact words were "Oh come on, the last time any of these actors set foot in a high school was when they dropped their kids off this morning..."

While being 31 and living with my mom kills my street cred... moments like this make up for it.
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I'm Back!!!

I haven’t posted in over a year because my computer died.  :::Insert sad song here:::
I’ve been using my mom’s computer for homework and other necessities.
You don’t know awkward until you surf OK Cupid profiles with your mom making snarky comments from the chair next to you.
She seems nice, but a little high maintenance for you. I mean look at her,  she’s in full make up and you haven’t shaved your legs in at least 3 weeks….
“He’s cute, but black and Christian. His family would never accept you, think of the children…”
“Really? I know you like them nerdy, but that guy has repressed homosexual serial killer written all over him. He probably has his mother’s mummified body in his bedroom…”
My mom lost her job in February 2010. I moved home to help cover the bills while she looked for work. Nothing gives you more street cred than living with your mom in your 30’s. It’s great for the love life too, “We can go back to my place, but if we make any noise my mom will totally make fun of us over breakfast. Last time she had score cards set out like it was the Olympics. That Russian judge is brutal…”
I can’t really complain. Things are going well. Work is crazy busy due to a promotion I received in the spring. When they put me on salary, they really should have just rolled a cot and hot plate into my cubical.
This semester I’m taking Differential Equations and Calculus III. My brain is mush. That AA degree is finally in reach. A couple more semesters and I’ll finally have a degree to show for it all! WOOT!
Also, I will be forever broke because I bought a Kindle at the same time I bought my new lap top. The best thing about the Kindle is having thousands of books available for download with a single click. The bad thing is I’ve downloaded a ton of porn and mysteries. Nothing says “well rounded” like a ton of paranormal romance/erotica mixed with noir detective murder mysteries. Now the “Recommended for You” section on Amazon is just embarrassing: “Snow White and the Seven Studs”, “His Primal Fire”, and “Hollywood Murder Stories”. Maybe I should pick up some Austin, Steinbeck, and Shakespeare to class up the recommendations.
Hope you guys are all doing well! Can’t wait to catch up!
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Let Me Imagine Better Worlds


For my birthday, I have written a Supernatural fic.

Title:               Let Me Imagine Better Worlds
Fandom:        Supernatural
Pairings:        Lisa/Dean, implied Sam/Dean
Rating:            PG
Summary:      Lisa knew the moment she saw Sam.
Notes:             Title comes from Jack Veasey's poem "Altar Devotion"
Word Count:   276


Lisa knew.Collapse )



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Wow! Birthday!

So today I am 30.
I expected to be really freaked out about that, but not so much.

Sure, life is not what I thought it would be when I was 10:
1) I've not been crowned queen of any country.
2) I don't run my own high powered law firm.  
3) I haven't won the Nobel Prize.
4) I'm not married and I don't have any kids.

On the other hand, my dreams at 10 were kind of short sighted.
The good news is:
1) I don't have an entire country of people expecting me to represent them and make their lives better.
2) I don't have to deal with lawyers, criminals, judges, or a metric ton of paperwork each day.
3) I haven't spent the last decade cooped up in a lab trying to work up the ladder in academic science's crazy publish or perish world.
4) I am free to do what I want when I want because no one is depending on me to clothe them, feed them, house them.

All in all 30 seems pretty awesome. I will keep working, keep attending school, and keep building this life one day at a time.

I really do need to go on a safari though. That is one dream from when I was 10 that I still think would be pretty fun.
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Last Night

I think I have this stupid upper respiratory infection again.
I'm exhausted, my throat is sore, and I'm starting to cough again.
This makes the 3rd time in less than a year. Boo!
So yesterday I skipped my chemistry class and went home after work to take a hot shower and go to bed.

I was hoping that all that steam followed by 12 hours of sleep would allow my body to kick this stupid infection's butt before I actually get really sick again. (Last time I missed 3 days from work because of how sick it made me.)

What I did not count on was the palmetto bug that wanted to share my shower.
For those of you that don't live in the Southeast USA, a palmetto bug is like a GIANT cockroach that can fly.

So there I am, naked, wet, sick, vulnerable - I've just finished rinsing the shampoo from my hair when I accidently brush against the shower curtain. That's when this shadow on the other side of the curtain runs up to the top and suddenly this huge palmetto bug is waving his antennas at me from the top of the shower curtain.

The advantage to not living alone, is sometimes you can convice someone else to kill the bug that just sent you screaming from the shower. The disadvantage is that they can then mock you for being terrified of a bug for the rest of the evening.
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Dreamwidth Codes

To my lj friends who are concerned about the new cross posting feature - I have dreamwidth codes.
Leave a comment and I'll be happy to send one your way.
I have screened the comments so no one will see your email address.

I will continue to use both LJ and Dreamwidth.